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The mark of a strong man is knowing when to call in for backup. You do not have to face sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalance, or other health challenges alone. With guidance, education, and support from Pure Body Health, you can regain power over your body and lead a longer, healthier life. Schedule your first consultation today.

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Men face unique health challenges but may not always feel comfortable bringing those concerns to their doctor. At Pure Body Health, we believe you have a say in your care. Our functional approach centers on education and empowerment, prioritizing natural, integrative solutions to your most intimate health challenges. Ultimately, the power is in your hands—we are here to help you rise to the occasion.

We treat a variety of men’s health and sexual wellness issues, including but not limited to:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido and sexual performance issues
  • Cardiac health and fitness challenges

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Andropause & Hormone Imbalance

Though testosterone levels slowly decrease as we age, hormone imbalances can cause drastic changes to our everyday lives. Hormones play a vital role in sexual wellness and other important aspects of life that you may not realize, like mood, energy, memory, and muscle mass. With comprehensive hormone testing, we can help identify imbalances and provide natural interventions to get you feeling your best again.

With a personalized combination of herbal and vitamin supplements, diet and lifestyle modifications, we can help address hormone imbalance issues such as:

  • Diminished sexual desire and performance
  • Mood problems like depression, low confidence, and irritability
  • Memory and cognition problems
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Fatigue and lack of motivation

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The Priapus Shot® for Men

If you are one of the millions of American men who suffer from weakened erections or penile shortening with age, you are not alone. The Priapus Shot® (also known as the P-Shot) can help you reengage with your virility. This shot is all-natural and derived from your own blood, using the bioactive proteins in PRP to stimulate cellular regeneration without surgery or downtime.

Benefits of the Priapus Shot® include:

  • Easier to achieve erections
  • Stronger and firmer erections
  • Increased sensitivity and pleasure
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Longer lasting results than temporary, fast-acting treatments

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Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Do you struggle with erectile dysfunction, weakened erections, or pain with erections? Men with ED can benefit from the revolutionary healing capabilities of shockwave therapy. Shockwave treatment can be used alone or in conjunction with PRP therapies, and it requires no downtime. 

Learn more about how this groundbreaking natural therapy can help you overcome erectile dysfunction on our Erectile Dysfunction Treatment page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Priapus Shot® Hurt?

We understand you may feel nervous about receiving an injection in your most private and sensitive areas. This is why we provide anesthetic and pain-reducing methods before treatment begins. We will ensure your comfort during this procedure so that you can experience the incredible benefits straight away. This procedure does not cause pain, and you can drive yourself home afterward.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Priapus Shot®?

Because the Priapus Shot® is derived from your own blood, there are virtually no side effects or complications. Our team is highly trained in administering these injections, and we follow strict medical guidelines to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Is Hormone Therapy Safe?

Yes, when you partner with an experienced team that supports and guides you throughout the hormone therapy process! Some therapies can cause side effects in some men; however, we will take the time to discuss any and all concerns with you during your consultation. We will always monitor your health and safety carefully, and we will only recommend treatments that we know are safe for you.

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