Environmental Medicine

Reducing your toxin burden

The environment we live in can have a substantial impact on our health.  It should come to no surprise that people who are exposed to more environmental stressors have poorer health outcomes.  Consider the increase in incidence of allergies, asthma, skin rashes/outbreaks, fatigue, headaches, infections, migraines, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune diseases, mood disorders, infertility, endocrine dysfunction, insomnia, obesity and much more!  A critical factor to health is eliminating negative stressors and supplementing deficiencies.  Often when we do this, the body and mind can heal itself.

As we know according to the EPA and NRDC, there are around 85,000 chemicals available in the US.  Not only have all of these chemicals not been tested for their health effects, but there is also no way to control for all of their interactions in our environment.
Latent Infections
In addition to these environmental stressors and their unknown effects, chronic low grade infections also take a toll on the body, which exacerbates disease and prevents healthy function.
Other Stressors
There are numerous other stressors in our environment such as heavy metals, pollutants in air and water, electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiofrequency fiields, electric fields, and magentic fields, just to name a few.  Not all of these stressors are avoidable since they are a part of our environment, but we can help reduce and manage these stressors to improve health.
  • Clinical Nutrition
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  • Chelation Therapies
  • Applied Kinesiology
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