Reviewed by Dr. Scott Maymon, ND, NPH, and Dr. Sarah Stone, ND.

Regenerative medicine has become a cutting-edge field in healthcare, with innovative treatments that focus on activating the body’s natural healing process for a wide range of conditions.

One such treatment is Regenerative Injection Therapy, which has gained popularity for its potential in treating chronic pain, improving joint function, and promoting tissue repair. In this post, we’ll explore the basics of RIT, the types of regenerative injections we offer at Pure Body Health, and the benefits of these treatments.

What Is Regenerative Injection Therapy?

Regenerative injection therapy (RIT) offers a non-surgical solution for treating injuries and alleviating pain. By harnessing the body’s natural healing capabilities, RIT uses substances like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other nutrients to stimulate a healing response in the injured area.

Through improved circulation, these injected substances aid in the growth of new cells and facilitate the healing process. These injections target the root cause of pain and dysfunction, enabling lasting pain relief and improved joint function.

Types of Regenerative Injections We Offer

Pure Body Health offers a variety of regenerative injection therapies to suit each patient’s unique needs and conditions. Let’s explore each one:


Prolotherapy involves a series of injections consisting of a concentrated glucose solution and local anesthetic. Prolotherapy injections activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, stimulating the regeneration of weakened or injured joints and ligaments. The therapy also aids in tissue repair, providing long-lasting relief from pain.


Prolozone combines the concepts of prolotherapy with oxygen to maximize the healing process. The ozone gas acts as an oxidant, stimulating the production of growth factors. As a result, it promotes improved circulation and oxygen delivery, enhancing tissue repair and pain relief. If you are searching for prolozone therapy near me, look no further. At Pure Body Health, we specialize in providing top-quality prolozone therapy to help our patients find relief from pain and promote overall wellness.

PRP Injection

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) harnesses your body’s healing power to repair damaged tissue, ligaments, and tendon injuries effectively. PRP is a concentration of platelets and growth factors derived from your own blood. PRP is injected into an injured area, stimulating the growth of new cells and initiating the healing process.

Perineural Injection Therapy

Perineural injection therapy (PIT) involves administering a solution of buffered dextrose around the peripheral nerves, targeting areas of chronic inflammation and pain. This therapy is especially effective for treating nerve-related pain, such as neuropathy or nerve entrapment syndromes.

Key Takeaway

Regenerative injection therapy (RIT) offers a non-surgical solution for treating injuries and alleviating pain. These injections target the root cause of pain and dysfunction, enabling lasting pain relief and improved joint function.

Benefits of Regenerative Injections

Regenerative injection therapy offers several advantages over traditional pain management techniques, making it an attractive choice for many patients. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Natural healing: RIT uses the body’s healing capabilities to repair injured tissue, promoting long-term pain relief.
  • Reduced inflammation: Injected substances like PRP have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing pain and promoting healing.
  • Faster recovery time: By activating the body’s natural healing ability, RIT reduces recovery time compared to traditional treatments.
  • Improved joint function: The injected substances help promote joint health and improve mobility by stimulating tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Helps treat chronic conditions: RIT can effectively treat many chronic conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.
  • Long-lasting pain relief: RIT targets the underlying cause of pain, providing relief that can be sustained longer than traditional treatments, such as pain medications or corticosteroid injections.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Regenerative Injection Therapy?

Regenerative injection therapy can provide therapeutic benefits to a wide range of individuals. Here are some categories of patients who may benefit from RIT:

  • Patients with chronic pain conditions: Individuals experiencing persistent pain unresponsive to traditional treatments may find relief through RIT.
  • Athletes: Athletes who have sustained sports injuries or are looking to accelerate recovery and enhance performance could benefit from the regenerative properties of this therapy.
  • Individuals with joint dysfunction: People suffering from joint pain, instability, or limited mobility may experience improved joint function following RIT.
  • Patients seeking non-surgical treatments: For individuals who prefer to avoid surgical intervention, RIT provides a minimally invasive alternative for pain relief and tissue repair.
  • Patients with degenerative disc disease: RIT can be a feasible option for individuals dealing with pain or discomfort caused by degenerative disc disease.
  • Individuals with osteoarthritis: By targeting the root cause of inflammation and pain, RIT can relieve pain caused by arthritic joints.

Get Started with Regenerative Injections at Pure Body Health

At Pure Body Health, we offer personalized regenerative injection therapy to treat pain and help you get back to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or an injury that has not responded to other treatments, our team of experienced specialists is here to help.

If you are searching for ‘PRP injection near me’, or prolotherapy near me, call (480) 427-0442 or complete the online booking form to schedule an appointment. Dr. Scott Maymon and Dr. Sarah Stone will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Together, we’ll get you back on the path to healing and recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Regenerative Therapy To Work?

The effects of regenerative injections vary from patient to patient, depending on the severity and nature of their injury or condition. Generally speaking, PRP or prolotherapy injections can take 3-4 weeks to start showing results. For perineural injection therapy, relief can be felt within a few days after receiving the injection.

What Are the Side Effects of Regenerative Medicine?

The side effects of regenerative medicine are generally mild and temporary. Common side effects include bruising, redness, swelling, and pain at the injection site. These typically resolve within a few days after treatment. Talk to your doctor if you experience severe or long-lasting side effects following an injection.

Is Regenerative Injection Therapy Safe?

Yes! Regenerative injection therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for many conditions. As with any medical procedure, it does carry certain risks and side effects. Your doctor will review your medical history to determine if regenerative medicine is right for you.