Pulse-Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) with incorporated Heart Rate Variability Bio-Feedback, Light Therapy, and Binaural Sound Therapy.  This therapy has numerous applications; some of which include improved micro-circulation, immune function, relaxation, detoxification, and so much more.

Pure Body Health offers complete Bio-Body Balance therapy that is individualized to your specific needs and concerns.  This amazing therapy pairs well with our Regenerative Joint therapies, Intravenous therapies, and acupuncture.  Call now to schedule your appointment.

PEMF featured on Dr. Oz

What is Pulsed Magnetic Therapy and What Can It Do For You?


The body is an extremely complex biological machine composed of both chemical and electrical fields. We are only as healthy as our cells in that environment called the human body. Our cells are like little batteries; capable of being charged or depleted. Energy trumps chemistry. If the cells are energetically weak, any invading germ could win this vibration contest, thus infecting the cell.

Today we have entered an era where we can, via machines broadcast a therapeutic electromagnetic fields; bring our own cells into a state of RESONANCE; strengthening the energy-field of each cell and thereby fortifying and protecting ourselves from the attack of disease causing organisms.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy returns lost energy and lost cellular balance to a normal, healthy state of vibration. Because of this, the entire cellular metabolism is boosted, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved and with more oxygen, the immune system is strengthened, nutrients are better absorbed, the respiratory system becomes more efficient, the nervous system is relaxed, the bones become stronger and more dense and vital organs such as liver, kidneys and colon are able to cleanse, ridding themselves of impurities and regaining their designated bodily functions.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy is not a static magnet (like magnetic mattress pads), but a Resonating Magnetic Field (RMS).

Electromagnetic field therapy applies magnetic fields", pulsed. Pulsed Electric-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) are used instead because a static magnetic field found in permanent magnets is not able to permeate the whole body and the body's cells soon become used to a constant magnetic field and cease to be benefited. The pulsating field can be optimized to the correct frequency of vibration that effect the whole system and its long term use has many benefits.

Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy is very well established around the globe. There are over 2000 clinical studies worldwide that prove its efficacy.

The Researched Benefits of PEMF include:
Helps with All forms of Pain
Improved Sleep
Better Circulation
Helps with Nerve Regeneration
Helps with Wound Healing
Better Immunity
Creates Stronger Bones

PEMF is used by more than 400,000 people and 4000 athletes in Europe and currently there are several Athletes and celebrities using it.