Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)


P.I.T.® or perineural injection therapy was first discovered and developed by Dr. John Lyftogt.  This therapy consists of a series of superficial injections directly under the skin where sensitive and painful nerves are targeted.

P.I.T.® is a safe and effective treatment for painful conditions due to sport and occupation, or other chronic non-malignant pain related issues. P.I.T.® requires the physician to accurately diagnose the cause of pain, and in P.I.T.® this is often related to nerve injuries or nerve restrictions that cause inflammation and pain.  We focus each treatment on eliminating the pain.  The first treatment usually last 4 hours to 4 days in duration.  With each successive treatment (usually 6-8), patients experience further pain relief with full pain resolution that allows return of function.  Success rates are between 80%-100% depending on the patient’s condition.  Re-occurrence is unlikely unless trauma occurs again.

Perineural injection therapy is safe and effective. D5W is used as an IV solution in hospitals worldwide.  Infection is extremely rare, calculated at about 1 in 300,000 injections. The only adverse reactions reported are temporary histamine induced welts at injection sites and extremely rare corn allergies. No allergic reactions have yet been observed and there are no reported issues of dependency.

*Citation: Dr. John Lyftogt


Perineural Injection Therapy Research