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A Cake With Fruit On Top Of A Wooden Cutting Board

Do I Really Need a Multi-vitamin?

Have you ever questioned the use of a multi-vitamin/mineral? Have you ever thought about taking a multi-vitamin and were not sure if you needed it? Questioning whether or not you need a supplement is not a bad thing; in fact,…

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A Person Sitting On A Bed

How Important is Sleep?

Most Americans struggle with having to do it all. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, who has time to sleep eight hours a night? Research has shown that in fact eight hours of sleep is essential for: Productivity: Lack of…

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A Woman Standing In Front Of A Mirror Posing For The Camera

Is My “Low Fat” Diet Be Making Me Fat?

Low fat diets became main stream FDA approved guidelines attempting to combat an increasing obese population. Obesity has in fact increased since the indoctrination of fat free and low fat foods. Some key issues regarding low fat diets are: Poor…

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“What’s the Big Deal About Hydration?”

Water is involved in countless physiological and metabolic processes and functions throughout your body. The human body is made up of 60% water. Here are some key ways water can improve your health. Youthful looking skin. By keeping your cells…

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