At this point in the year, many of us are hard at work on our healthy resolutions. As we begin to shed extra pounds and inches, we reap the wonderful rewards of an active, balanced lifestyle. Of course, some stubborn fat deposits resist our best diet and exercise routines. This is where body contouring for fat reduction can help.

You may have heard of several body contouring methods, but which one is best? Approaches that mechanically remove or freeze fat cells, such as liposuction or CoolSculpting, may offer a fast-track to aesthetic goals. However, they typically will not support your overall health goals. Nonsurgical body contouring with the Zerona Z6 fat loss laser is different.

If you are interested in accelerating fat loss in a healthy way, laser body contouring can be a wonderful option. Let’s talk about the many benefits of choosing laser fat loss with Zerona Z6, and the amazing technology behind it.

An Introduction to the Zerona Z6 Fat Loss Laser

The Zerona Z6 is a non-invasive, non-surgical device that uses cold laser therapy to accelerate fat loss. It emits gentle laser energy to target problem areas without touching your skin. In turn, that laser energy stimulates the cells, causing them to release excess stored fat. 

Though sometimes called laser lipo, this treatment does not remove your fat cells. Instead, it shrinks them down to a healthier size. With FDA market clearance for overall body circumference reduction and the highest result rate of any fat loss laser treatment on the market, the Zerona Z6 is a safe and effective way to promote leanness in the body.

A woman receives body contouring with the Zerona Z6 fat loss laser

The Science Behind Nonsurgical Body Contouring

The technology behind Zerona is low-level laser therapy or LLLT. LLLT has many medical applications, from relieving pain to improving immune function. Studies have also proven that this therapy can help people achieve safe and significant fat loss over the course of several treatments. So, how does it work?

The Zerona Z6 laser emits low levels of light that can penetrate enlarged fat cells anywhere on the body. The light creates a hole in a fat cell’s membrane, allowing excess fatty material to seep out and be processed as waste by the body. The slimmed-down fat cells are restored to healthier function, and your overall body circumference decreases.

Why Shrinking Fat Cells is Better Than Eliminating Them

Popular media and diet fads over the last several decades have taught us to think of fat as undesirable—something to rid ourselves of at all costs. However, science tells us that fat cells play a crucial role in our overall health, especially our metabolism. 

Fat cells sense and respond to changes in our energy balance, producing hormones that regulate our energy, food intake, and tissue regeneration. When they become too enlarged, they lose many of these natural functions. That is when we see negative effects like increased blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases.

Crucially, though, removing those fat cells via traditional liposuction or freezing methods like CoolSculpting can trigger a compensatory response. Put simply, when you remove or freeze fat in one area, the body tries to correct the imbalance by producing more fat in other areas—sometimes more fat than was initially removed.

When we shrink the fat cells instead of removing them, we can optimize their natural, healthy functions. You do not have to sacrifice healthy cells to achieve your aesthetic goals!

Further Benefits of Zerona’s Low-Level Light Therapy

Shrinking enlarged fat cells is a wonderful way to promote your wellness and supplement your healthy diet and exercise plan. The outer results—lost inches and slimmed-down body circumference—are just the beginning of this advanced therapy’s benefits.

One attractive aspect of Zerona Z6 body contouring is that it requires no downtime. The procedure is painless, taking only about 40 minutes per session while you relax under the LED device. With no recovery and no currently known side effects to disrupt your routine, you can continue to enjoy your daily activities after treatment.There are further health benefits to the Zerona Z6 treatment as well. LLLT is known to increase cellular metabolism and improve circulation, boosting immune function, nerve regeneration, sleep health, and more! You can learn more about LLLT here.

Before and after pictures of a woman's torso after body contouring with Zerona

Optimize Your Weight Loss with Body Contouring

The Zerona Z6 fat loss laser is a safe and effective way to reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in the body while maintaining metabolic balance. As you pursue your lifestyle goals this year, consider adding this incredible therapy to help boost your progress toward a leaner, healthier you. If you think nonsurgical body contouring may be right for you, reach out to us to start a conversation! 

Body Contouring and Medical Aesthetics at Pure Body Health

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